各データは、ステータスが『SOLD OUT』に変わった時点から2ヶ月で、リストより消去します。
ステータスにHOLD、SOLD OUTがついていなくても、商談中のものもございますので、一度ご連絡の上在庫状況をご確認下さいませ。


  メーカー / モデル名 年式 CONDITION 価格(税込)  
MARTIND-18 1980 EX++ ¥286,000(税込) 詳細
MARTIND-18 Custom "Adirondack Top" 2017 EXF ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
MARTIND-18VS 2010 EX+ ¥286,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTIND-28 1955 EX++ ¥1,760,000(税込)
sold out MARTIND-28 1976 EX+++ ¥330,000(税込)
sold out MARTIND-28 1963 EX++ ¥1,320,000(税込)
MARTIND-28 Authentic 1931 2013 N.MINT ¥660,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTIND-28 Custom "Blue Color" 2016 N.MINT ¥330,000(税込)
MARTIND-28 Custom "Special Order Made" 2015 EX+++ ¥1,045,000(税込) 詳細
MARTIND-28 Custom "Special Order Made" 2013 N.MINT ¥1,078,000(税込) 詳細
MARTIND-28 Marquis Custom "Amazon Rosewood" 2012 EX++ ¥657,800(税込) 詳細
MARTIND-28CW "Clarence White Custom / Black Walnut" 2016 N.MINT ¥594,000(税込) 詳細
MARTIND-41BLE "20th Anniversary 1969-89 Limited Edition" 1989 EX+++ ¥2,200,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTIND-45 1968 Custom "Premium Madagascar Rosewood" 2013 N.MINT ¥1,870,000(税込)
sold out MARTIND-45 Commemorative 2013 N.MINT ¥1,320,000(税込)
MARTIND-45KLE "Limited Edition" 1991 N.MINT ¥2,420,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTIND-76 1976 EX ¥572,000(税込)
MARTIND-76 1976 EX+++ ¥770,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTIND12-28 "12 Strings Guitar" 2014 EX++ ¥220,000(税込)
MARTINHD-28 1979 EX++ ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINHD-7 Roger McGuinn Signature Model 2005 EXF ¥539,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTINJ-40M 1990 EX++ ¥308,000(税込)
mark down MARTINO-18K 1930 EX+++ ¥748,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTINO-28VS 2017 MINT ¥330,000(税込)
MARTINO-45 Custom Navy Blue 2015 MINT ¥1,705,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTINOM-28 Custom "Engelmann Top" 1995 EX ¥407,000(税込)
MARTINOM-28V 2002 EX+++ ¥302,500(税込) 詳細
MARTINOM-45 Custom 2001 EX++ ¥935,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTINOM-45 Marquis 2004 EX+++ ¥1,210,000(税込)
mark down MARTINOO Stauffer 175th Edition 2008 EXF ¥825,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOO-18 Authentic 1931 VTS 2015 EXF ¥550,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOO-18V 2013 EX+++ ¥275,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOO-28C "Brazilian Rosewood" 1966 EX+++ ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTINOO-28G 1960 EX++ ¥495,000(税込)
mark down MARTINOO-42 Custom "Brazilian Rosewood" 1998 EX+++ ¥1,683,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOO-45 Tree Of Life Custom 1991 EXF ¥3,278,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOO-45S Custom Tree Of Life 2018 MINT ¥1,650,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOOC-28VS Custom "Italian Alpine / Claro Walnut" 2009 EX+++ ¥616,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOOO-18GE 1937 "Gorlden Era" 2007 EX++ ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
sold out MARTINOOO-28 1939 VG+++ ¥1,980,000(税込)
sold out MARTINOOO-28 2000 EX++ ¥264,000(税込)
MARTINOOO-42 Custom 1998 EX++ ¥693,000(税込) 詳細
MARTINOOOC CTM "Carpatian / Goncalo Alves" 2014 EXF ¥547,800(税込) 詳細


  メーカー / モデル名 年式 CONDITION 価格(税込)  
GIBSONCountry & Western 1964 EX+++ ¥594,000(税込) 詳細
GIBSONHummingbird 1965 EX++ ¥1,210,000(税込) 詳細
sold out GIBSONJ-45 STANDARD 2010 EXF ¥231,000(税込)
sold out GIBSONJ-50 1966 EX+++ ¥660,000(税込)
on hold GIBSONL-0 1928 EX+++ ¥660,000(税込) 詳細
sold out GIBSONL-2 1924 EX++ ¥363,000(税込)
GIBSONL-3 1924 EX+++ ¥440,000(税込) 詳細
sold out GIBSONL-48 1954 EX ¥220,000(税込)
GIBSONLG-2 1946 EX++ ¥638,000(税込) 詳細


  メーカー / モデル名 年式 CONDITION 価格(税込)  
ALBERT & MULLERS-3 2001 EX++ ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASD.Custom NEW NEW ¥220,000(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASD.Emperor Jacaranda Special NEW NEW ¥1,650,000(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASE.C.EMBLEM CW 60th Anniversary "Limited Edition" NEW NEW ¥440,000(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASGrand Solo H Custom "Special Order Made" NEW NEW ¥327,250(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASGrand Solo Premio CR 2021 MINT ¥316,800(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASGrand Solo Premio H Custom "Special Order Made" NEW NEW ¥396,000(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASGrand Solo SR NEW NEW ¥327,250(税込) 詳細
sold out ASTURIASOM-0 Brazilian "55th Annyversary Limited Model" 2017 N.MINT ¥550,000(税込)
ASTURIASSolo Herringborn NEW NEW ¥264,000(税込) 詳細
ASTURIASTRAD D Reverence NEW NEW ¥220,000(税込) 詳細
mark down ASTURIASTRAD D Reverence H-Custom "Special Order Made" NEW NEW ¥385,000(税込) 詳細
sold out AVALON GUITARSA2-340C "Flamed Maple" 2021 N.MINT ¥495,000(税込)
AYERS A07E-CX OTS JP Custom 2.0 "AAA Engelmann Top" NEW NEW ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
mark down AYERS SJ07-C-NH Custom "Florentine Cutaway" 2020 MINT ¥249,800(税込) 詳細
BREEDLOVEMaster Class A22CE "European /Madagascar Rosewood" 2015 EX++ ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
BourgeoisOM Custom "All Hawaiian Koa" 2018 MINT ¥858,000(税込) 詳細
Buscarino Guitars (John Buscarino)Starlight Nylon "Antique Sunburst" NEW MEW ¥825,000(税込) 詳細
Buscarino Guitars (John Buscarino)The Starlight Nylon NEW NEW ¥825,000(税込) 詳細
sold out COLLINGSC-10 Deluxe Custom "All Figured Hawaiian Koa" 2003 N.MINT ¥1,320,000(税込)
COLLINGSC10-35 NEW NEW ¥880,000(税込) 詳細
sold out COLLINGSD-1 A Custom NEW NEW ¥919,600(税込)
sold out COLLINGSD-1 A V Custom 2009 EXF ¥682,000(税込)
COLLINGSD-1 T 2017 EX+++ ¥583,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSD-1T Custom "Torrefied Sitka Top / 1 11/16 Nut" 2019 EX+++ ¥682,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSD-42 A Custom "Tree Of Life" 2015 N.MINT ¥1,540,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSD-42 MR A Custom "Tree Of Life" 2017 MINT ¥1,870,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSDS-1 2019 N.MINT ¥649,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSDS-2H NEW NEW ¥862,400(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSDS-2H Baaa A Custom "Adirondack/BrazilianRosewood" 2005 EX++ ¥1,320,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSO-1 Custom "1 3/4 Nut" 2018 MINT ¥605,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSO-3H G Custom "12-Strings Guitar" 2014 EX++ ¥638,000(税込) 詳細
sold out COLLINGSOM-2H A Custom 2020 EX++ ¥649,000(税込)
sold out COLLINGSOM-3 MR G Custom "German / Madagascar Rosewood" 2015 EX+++ ¥1,188,000(税込)
sold out COLLINGSOO-1 14F Custom "1 3/4 Nut" 2020 N.MINT ¥596,200(税込)
COLLINGSOO-1 14F SB Custom 2021 MINT ¥682,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSOOO-1 E Cutaway Custom "Indian Rosewood" 2015 EX++ ¥539,000(税込) 詳細
COLLINGSSJ Cutaway Custom "Carly Simon Selected Model" 2000 EX++ ¥792,000(税込) 詳細
CREEKTime Machine Series CJEG 1941 "Opaque Blonde" NEW NEW ¥451,000(税込) 詳細
CREEKTime Machine Series CSJ 1959 NEW NEW ¥429,000(税込) 詳細
Charis Acoustic (Bill Wise)Air "Kenny Loggins Model" NEW NEW ¥3,080,000(税込) 詳細
Charis Acoustic (Bill Wise)SJ Cutaway "Brazilian Rosewood" 2003 EX++ ¥1,320,000(税込) 詳細
sold out CromwellG-2 1930's EX+ ¥297,000(税込)
EPIPHONEFT-79 TEXAN 1966 EX+ ¥385,000(税込) 詳細
Ehlers (Robert Ehlers)Model 15 Cutaway 1999 EX++ ¥385,000(税込) 詳細
Emerald GuitarsAmicas Black NEW NEW ¥286,000(税込) 詳細
Emerald GuitarsAmicas Green "坂崎幸之助セレクトモデル" NEW NEW ¥324,500(税込) 詳細
Emerald GuitarsX10 Vibrant Blue NEW NEW ¥412,500(税込) 詳細
Emerald GuitarsX10 Vibrant Red NEW NEW ¥412,500(税込) 詳細
Emerald GuitarsX20 Quilted Maple 2019 MINT ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
Emerald GuitarsX20-12 Black w/Anthem "12 Strings Guitar" NEW NEW ¥379,500(税込) 詳細
Enfini Custom Works (藤岡 光徳)MODEL Modified D Cutaway "Adirondack / Ziricote" 2013 EX+++ ¥715,000(税込) 詳細
FUJII GUITARS (藤井 圭介)Model SJ Cutaway 2006 EX++ ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
sold out FURCH GUITARSD23 CR "岡崎倫典氏セレクトモデル" 2016 EXF ¥176,000(税込)
FURCH GUITARSOM-50001 "Limited Edition" 2013 MINT ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
FURCH GUITARSOM23 EKCT Custom "Engelmann / Hawaiian Koa" 2016 EX+ ¥275,000(税込) 詳細
FURCH GUITARSOOM-34AR SB "Limited Edition" 2015 EX+++ ¥264,000(税込) 詳細
sold out FURCH GUITARSRAINBOW GC-ER "Remember G25 ERCT Custom" NEW NEW ¥482,900(税込)
FURCH GUITARSRAINBOW GC-SR "Remember G25 SRCT Custom" NEW NEW ¥471,900(税込) 詳細
FURCH GUITARSYellow Gc-AR Bevel Duo "Limited Model" NEW NEW ¥431,200(税込) 詳細
FURCH GUITARSYellow Gc-CR NEW NEW ¥264,000(税込) 詳細
FURCH GUITARSYellow Gc-ER Custom "Engelmann Top" NEW NEW ¥275,000(税込) 詳細
Frayns Guitars (磯田 洋介)FRG-L-0 "おおはた雄一セレクトモデル" NEW NEW ¥550,000(税込) 詳細
sold out GREVEN (John Greven) The OO-12 Felt "Brazilian Rosewood" 2007 EX++ ¥660,000(税込)
sold out GUILDAA-82 "John Denver Model" 1982 EX++ ¥440,000(税込)
sold out GUILDD-50 Brazilian Rosewood 1966 EX+ ¥583,000(税込)
mark down Gallagher (J.W.GALLAGHER & SON)G-40-12 1960's EX+ ¥198,000(税込) 詳細
sold out GodinMultiac Duet Steel Ambiance 2018 MINT ¥165,000(税込)
GodinRialto JR Satina Gray NEW NEW ¥95,700(税込) 詳細
mark down Grimes Guitars (Steve Grimes)Parlor "European / Brazilian Rosewood" 2010 EXF ¥847,000(税込) 詳細
HEADWAY (Aska Team Build)2018 HD-115 ARS ATB 2017 N.MINT ¥264,000(税込) 詳細
HEADWAY (降幡 新)HXD-280 Custom NEW NEW ¥616,000(税込) 詳細
HEADWAY (降幡 新)OM-280 Custom "German / Madagascar Rosewood" NEW NEW ¥715,000(税込) 詳細
HEADWAY (百瀬 恭夫)HD-280 Custom "Adirondack / Madagascar Rosewood" 2018 MINT ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
sold out HEADWAY (百瀬 恭夫)HF-04 Artist "Limited Edition" 2004 EX+++ ¥259,600(税込)
HEADWAY (百瀬 恭夫)HN Custom 2005 N.MINT ¥198,000(税込) 詳細
HUSS & DALTONModel OO Custom "Adirondack Top" 2007 EX+++ ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
mark down Heiden Stringed Instruments (Michael Heiden)Model Custom "Brazilian Rosewood" 1989 EX++ ¥492,800(税込) 詳細
sold out Hidaka Guitars (日高 雅樹)JC-CW Moon Singer "German / Honduras Rosewood" 2006 EX+++ ¥440,000(税込)
Hidaka Guitars (日高 雅樹)OM-CW "Sitka / Honduras Rosewood" 2006-13 EX+++ ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
Hobo's Works (岡 健男)H-18 Supreme 2017 EX+ ¥759,000(税込) 詳細
sold out Hobo's Works (岡 健男)H-28 Supreme "Premium Brazilian Rosewood" NEW NEW ¥1,430,000(税込)
IKKO MASADA (政田一光)Model A 2013 EX++ ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
Iinuma Guitars (飯沼 哲)Model A "Sitka / Quilted Mahogany" 2002 EX+ ¥242,000(税込) 詳細
Jack SpiraJS-5A Condor from Nazca "Adirondack / Cocobolo" 2015 EX+++ ¥462,000(税込) 詳細
James GoodallAKGC "Hawaiian Koa" 2010's EXF ¥792,000(税込) 詳細
sold out James GoodallKGC "Special Reserved HawaiIan Koa" NEW NEW ¥1,776,500(税込)
James GoodallKP-14 "Special Reserved Curry Koa" 2010's N.MINT ¥968,000(税込) 詳細
James GoodallMdRP-14 "Engelmann / Madagascar Rosewood" 2000's EXF ¥605,000(税込) 詳細
Jason KostalModified D Cutaway "German /Brazilian Rosewood" 2018 EXF ¥2,838,000(税込) 詳細
sold out Joe StriebelRS "Bear Craw German / Madagascar Rosewood" 2012 EXF ¥528,000(税込)
John How GuitarsXBGC Mahogany 2013 EX+++ ¥220,000(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRIDY-28 Lefty NEW NEW ¥239,580(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRIDY-77C 1993 EX+ ¥165,000(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRILO-65 RB Lefty NEW NEW ¥128,700(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRIRF-65RB Lefty NEW NEW ¥128,700(税込) 詳細
mark down K.YAIRI (小池 健司) By Ken "Brazilian Rosewood" 2008 EXF ¥913,000(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRI (小池 健司) KK-46 Koa Custom 2003 EX++ ¥418,000(税込) 詳細
mark down K.YAIRI (丹羽 雪男) Custom Shop NF "Style 000-45 Deluxe" NEW NEW ¥825,000(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRI (道前 暁伸) Custom Shop NY-OO21 "Style-42/Premium German Top" NEW NEW ¥756,800(税込) 詳細
K.YAIRI (道前 暁伸) Custom Shop RAG-120 "German / Indian Rosewood" NEW NEW ¥756,800(税込) 詳細
mark down Kaoru Acoustic Craft (中島 馨)D-28 Rebirth 2010 EX++ ¥704,000(税込) 詳細
sold out Kaoru Acoustic Craft (中島 馨)OM-18 identify 2012 N.MINT ¥693,000(税込)
Kevin KoppK-35 "Torrefied & Aged" 2021 MINT ¥550,000(税込) 詳細
Kevin KoppN.L Torrefied & Aged 2020 N.MINT ¥638,000(税込) 詳細
Kevin KoppSouthern Jumbo NT Aged Custom 2021 MINT ¥660,000(税込) 詳細
Kevin koppK-200 Blue "Special Order Made" NEW NEW ¥1,540,000(税込) 詳細
LAKEWOODNew Century 2000 EX++ ¥198,000(税込) 詳細
LARRIVEEL-10 1994 EX+++ ¥330,000(税込) 詳細
sold out LOWDENF-25 2000 EX+ ¥363,000(税込)
LOWDEN (GEORGE LOWDEN GUITARS) O-35 2015 N.MINT ¥440,000(税込) 詳細
LOWDEN (GEORGE LOWDEN GUITARS) S-32 2018 MINT ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
LOWDEN (GEORGE LOWDEN GUITARS) S-50 GR/LZ "Luts Spruce / Guatemalan Rosewood" 2018 EX++ ¥792,000(税込) 詳細
M.SEKI (関 道雄)Model Sakura Custom 2001 N.MINT ¥627,000(税込) 詳細
MERRILL (Jim Merrill)C-18 "Bear Craw Adirondack Top" 2004 EX++ ¥547,800(税込) 詳細
MERRILL (Jim Merrill)C-18 Hide Glue 2014 EX++ ¥649,000(税込) 詳細
Mark Leaf CaseModel D Black / Blue 70-80's EX+++ ¥165,000(税込) 詳細
McAlister Guitars (Roy McAlister)C-42 Cutaway "Adirondack / Brazilian Rosewood" 2005 EX++ ¥1,265,000(税込) 詳細
sold out McPherson GuitarsMG-5.0XP "Bear Claw Sitka Spruce Top" 2000's EX+++ ¥660,000(税込)
NGC / Nashbill Guitar Co (Marty Lanham)Model D Mahogany 1999 EX+ ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
NGC / Nashbill Guitar Co (Marty Lanham)Model D Mahogany "1 3/4 nut" 2002 EX+ ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
OVATIONElite Custom 2078AV50-5 "50th Anniversary" 2016 MINT ¥396,000(税込) 詳細
Pre-war Guitars Co.HD Granidillo Level 1 2020 EX++ ¥638,000(税込) 詳細
Preston ThompsonMolly Tuttle Signature Model NEW NEW ¥1,100,000(税込) 詳細
mark down Rockbridge Guitar (B.Calhoun / R.Ray /A.McNeil )Model OO Custom "German / Figured Maple" NEW NEW ¥660,000(税込) 詳細
Rockbridge Guitar (B.Calhoun / R.Ray /A.McNeil )Model OO Custom "German / Honduras Rosewood" 2017 N.MINT ¥649,000(税込) 詳細
sold out S.Tsuji (辻 四郎)OOO-42J "German / Brazilian Rosewood" 2005 EX+ ¥517,000(税込)
SANTA CRUZH-13 "All Mahogany" 2003 EX+++ ¥440,000(税込) 詳細
mark down SANTA CRUZModel PJ "Brazilian Rosewood" 2006 EX++ ¥643,500(税込) 詳細
sold out SANTA CRUZTONY RICE "German / Brazilian Rosewood" 1996 EX++ ¥1,210,000(税込)
SEAGULL (塩崎 雅亮) D-82L "Adirondack / Brazilian Rosewood" 2014 EX+++ ¥880,000(税込) 詳細
SEAGULL (塩崎 雅亮)SD-82 SB "German / Honduras Rosewood" 2002 EX++ ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
SEAGULL (塩崎 雅亮)SD-85 "Englemann / Indian Rosewood" 2004 EX++ ¥605,000(税込) 詳細
SEAGULL by M.Shiozaki (塩崎 雅亮)SD-50 1937 Aged TA/MH/A02 NEW NEW ¥561,000(税込) 詳細
sold out SUMI (鷲見 英一) S-DAB Custom "African Blackwood" 2017 EX++ ¥715,000(税込)
SUMI (鷲見 英一)S-N (MP) 2012 EXF ¥396,000(税込) 詳細
SUMI (鷲見 英一) S-OMHR Sakura 2013 EX+++ ¥550,000(税込) 詳細
SUMI (鷲見 英一)S-S25WS 2015 EX++ ¥308,000(税込) 詳細
sold out SUMI (鷲見 英一) S-SJHR Sakura 2019 N.MINT ¥550,000(税込)
SUMI (鷲見 英一) S-SJR 2017 EX+++ ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
SUMI (鷲見 英一) S-SJWL 2008 EX+ ¥363,000(税込) 詳細
mark down SUMI (鷲見 英一) T2-COCO-CED NEW NEW ¥638,000(税込) 詳細
SUMI (鷲見 英一) T2-COCO-SITKA 2019 MINT ¥528,000(税込) 詳細
sold out SUZUKAWA GUITARS (鈴川弘也)OM-03 2005 EX+ ¥308,000(税込)
ShellySY-G NEW NEW ¥209,000(税込) 詳細
ShellySY-M20 NEW NEW ¥209,000(税込) 詳細
ShellySY-MT "20th Anniversary Llimited Model" NEW NEW ¥209,000(税込) 詳細
sold out Stafford Premium (Stafford / Headway)SPD-1 "Adirondack / New Jacaranda" 2000's N.MINT ¥198,000(税込)
sold out Stanford (Made by Furch Guitars)RD5 Vin 2010's EX+++ ¥154,000(税込)
sold out Switch Custom GuitarsSCD-2HC BLK 2017 EX+++ ¥187,000(税込)
TAKAMINEDMP561C BL "長渕剛セレクトモデル" 2010 EX++ ¥99,000(税込) 詳細
sold out TAKAMINELTD 2021 2021 N.MINT ¥198,000(税込)
TAKAMINELTD 2022 NEW NEW ¥280,500(税込) 詳細
TAKAMINEPXM-H Custom "Premium Brazilian Rosewood" NEW NEW ¥1,402,500(税込) 詳細
TAKAMINETDP55H "Special Order Made" NEW NEW ¥198,000(税込) 詳細
TAKAMINETDP55H Special Order Made "象牙ナット&サドル" NEW NEW ¥217,800(税込) 詳細
TAYLOR514ce V-Class 2021 MINT ¥316,800(税込) 詳細
TAYLOR552ce 12-Flet "12 Strings Guitar" 2016 N.MINT ¥242,000(税込) 詳細
TAYLOR714e 2014 EX++ ¥297,000(税込) 詳細
TAYLOR717e WHB Builder's Edition 2019 MINT ¥374,000(税込) 詳細
TAYLOR810e Japan Limited 2016 N.MINT ¥286,000(税込) 詳細
sold out TAYLOR812e ES2 2014 N.MINT ¥297,000(税込)
sold out TAYLOR814ce ES2 2014 EXF ¥330,000(税込)
TAYLOR912ce 12-flet 2017 N.MINT ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
TAYLOR916ce Milagro Brazilian Rosewood 2015 EXF ¥1,320,000(税込) 詳細
mark down TAYLORCustom GO "AAA Sitka Spruce Top" 2013 EX+++ ¥278,000(税込) 詳細
TAYLORK24ce Builder's Edition V-Class 2019 MINT ¥759,000(税込) 詳細
sold out TAYLORNS-34ce 2009 EX- ¥97,900(税込)
TSK (テリー中本&坂崎幸之助)TSK 12 Strings BLK NEW NEW ¥880,000(税込) 詳細
TSK (テリー中本&坂崎幸之助)TSK Midnight Navy NEW NEW ¥704,000(税込) 詳細
sold out Terry's Terry / Premium Terry (テリー中本)PTJ-100GM "German / Madagascar Rosewood" 2021 MINT ¥935,000(税込)
Tetsuzo Shiga (志賀 鉄三)Style 000-42 2002 EX++ ¥297,000(税込) 詳細
sold out Voyage-air-Guitar VAD-2 折りたたみギター "さだまさし氏セレクトモデル" 2012 N.MINT ¥132,000(税込)
Voyage-air-Guitar VAMD-04 NT "折りたたみギター" NEW NEW ¥87,780(税込) 詳細
sold out Water Road (増田 明夫)Arte Cutaway "German / Madagascar Rosewood" 2019 MINT ¥880,000(税込)
Water Road (増田 明夫)D-Arte Cutaway "25th Anniversary Model" 2021 MINT ¥1,870,000(税込) 詳細
Waterloo (By Collings)WL-K 2016 MINT ¥316,800(税込) 詳細
YAMAHALJ36 ARE 2014 EX ¥220,000(税込) 詳細
sold out YAMAHALJX26C ARE BLK 2021 MINT ¥330,000(税込)
sold out YAMAHALL66 Custom "Special Order Made" 2006 EX++ ¥770,000(税込)
on hold YAMAHALL86 CUSTOM 2021 MINT ¥1,628,000(税込) 詳細
YAMAHALL86 CUSTOM "Special Order Made" 2006 EX+ ¥1,870,000(税込) 詳細
sold out YAMAHALS26 ARE 2020 N.MINT ¥198,000(税込)
YAMAHAModel Custom "Special Order Made" 1996 EX++ ¥1,100,000(税込) 詳細
Yokoyama Guitar (横山 正)AN-ER Cusotm "Abalone Trim" 2010 EX++ ¥330,000(税込) 詳細


  メーカー / モデル名 年式 CONDITION 価格(税込)  
BLUE BELLCUSTOM F-5 Type 1977 EX++ ¥385,000(税込) 詳細
sold out GIBSONF-4 1922 EX+++ ¥1,100,000(税込)
HATTA WORKS (八田 淳史)HM-F5 Premium Model 「藤原」 NEW NEW ¥495,000(税込) 詳細
KASUGAM-150 1980's EX++ ¥220,000(税込) 詳細
NAO工房 (安川 直樹)NF-5 2003 EX+ ¥330,000(税込) 詳細
NorthfieldNF-F2S BLK NEW NEW ¥327,800(税込) 詳細
Randy WoodF-5 2001 EX++ ¥1,298,000(税込) 詳細